Monday, June 17, 2024

Tips on Designing Small Bathrooms

A bathroom or washroom usually is a large room, usually in a private house or other commercial building, which has either a shower or a wash basin attached. The addition of a washing basin is very common nowadays. Although, it is not compulsory to have one in your washroom. It can be a stylish addition to any bathroom or it can be a separate unit in your toilet.

If you have a washroom with only a single basin and shower area and you want two separate units to make your washroom look more attractive and complete then you will have to select a separate basin and shower for your washroom. Two separate units for your showerheads and two separate units for your taps are the best option. The basin and shower should preferably be made of ceramic, glazed or copper with chrome fittings. The taps can be of acrylic, porcelain or stainless steel. In case you have to change the fittings of your shower and/or wash basin frequently then it would be better to get a combination of a double shower basin and a two-piece bathroom vanity.

The vanity should be long and narrow so that the water does not fall inside the toilet and the basin does not get splashed. A small vanity might fit into most of the bathrooms. If you have a small bath, it would be better to get a wide bathroom vanity so that even a small bath can be made to look larger. In case your bathroom is large enough, then you can even use two different sized baths to make your bathroom look spacious.

The toilet and sink should be placed at the same level or at least on the same floor level. This will prevent the possibility of an accident where the toilet might fall on the sink. You can get bidets which attach to the side of the toilet or you can get a matching sink and toilet if you want to mix the style.

If you have to replace the sink with a new one then you should get a four-square bathroom sink and a two-square toilet. You will find this combination more convenient than any other setups. For the toilet and shower combination you will find that there are basically two choices; you can either get a bidet or get a low-flow plumbing toilet. The first option is obviously better than the second, but if your budget does not allow you to buy a new toilet then you can simply use a bidet instead of buying a new one.

There are so many combinations possible when it comes to designing small bathrooms. You can have a very simple bathroom with just a toilet, sink and shower or you can design a very elegant bathroom featuring both a toilet and sink. If you have decided to keep the bathroom uncluttered, then it is recommended to get a glass-topped or acrylic shower. These types of baths are very efficient and they save space.