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Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Creating a Relaxing Ambiance

Reducing stress starts with choosing lighting carefully. A beautiful fixture can add visual interest, but layering in additional sources for functionality and overall brightness is crucial for creating an inviting ambiance.

To achieve a soft glow, choose bulbs that mimic natural lighting instead of harsh white hues. Add decorative accents like flowers, birch branches or an essential oil diffuser with soothing scents to complete the effect.

1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers can make an impressive statement and set the right ambience. Choose a style that complements your space, such as Nicole Hollis’ ornate crystal-adorned chandelier or something more contemporary and minimal such as Emilio Esteves’ two pendants hanging above a sleek tub/shower combo in this room.

If a chandelier isn’t your cup of tea, consider installing a bowl-shaped fixture with a light shade to soften its glow and reflect more natural light downward. Or go industrial by opting for Edison bulbs with visible filaments which work great in exposed fixtures.

LED strip lights recessed within cabinetry or other niches offer subtle mood lighting with their warm glow, perfect for darker color schemes. This ambient lighting option also helps set a relaxing ambiance.

2. Globe Lights

Globe lights offer a cool, white glow that can effectively illuminate a space without overwhelming it. A popular selection among Destination Lighting customers, globe bulbs can even be dimmed for maximum relaxation in your bathroom environment.

These decorative glass spheres can serve both as ceiling-dangling decorations and as beautiful wall sconces. Arrange one on either side of a mirror to add balance, as well as task lighting to illuminate your vanity area with flattering task lighting.

Accent lighting doesn’t exist to illuminate an entire room; rather, its purpose is to highlight specific points of interest within it. For instance, pendant lights or sconces positioned next to freestanding bathtubs make an elegant addition. A decorative shade on these fixtures adds another decorative flourish.

3. Lanterns

Lantern-style lights can add a touch of elegance and glamour to any bathroom, although traditionally associated with older eras. Today there are modern variations available that fit seamlessly with any style aesthetic.

A typical lantern features a metal frame with four to eight sides and glass windows, creating an array of different moods depending on the bulb color temperature used. A warm 2,700-3,000 Kelvin bulb emits yellow tones perfect for creating mood lighting in bathrooms; Edison bulbs create more industrial vibes. You can even hang lanterns on walls for ambient illumination in dim areas.

4. Pendants

Pendant lights offer an ideal way to add drama and style to any bathroom ceiling that can accommodate them, creating an instant focal point and drawing attention away from its fixtures. Select a fixture with a dimmer switch so you can control its brightness or dimness; changing bulb color can also dramatically change its look and feel; for instance a blue Edison bulb creates a cooling effect while yellow ones bring to mind flame-like flames.

Layered lighting is a fantastic way to transition a bathroom from day to night. Hang a pair of pretty shaded sconces over your vanity mirror for added height or choose fixtures that coordinate with both faucet and countertop fixtures for a well-coordinated look.

5. LEDs

Add layers of lighting layers to create the right atmosphere in a bathroom, from decorative lights over the mirror that illuminate and add style, to recessed ceiling lights that brighten up the overall space.

LEDs make an energy-efficient alternative to standard bulbs for light fixtures. Their wide array of hues makes them suitable for any bathroom design scheme and shapes make them adaptable enough to use in all kinds of light fixtures.

Your LED strip lighting options range from adding backlight to your vanity mirror and installing them under cabinets or around a bathtub for indirect illumination, to placing it as an ambient mood lighting on the bed as a headboard for ambient mood lighting. Not to mention its long lifespan and easy changing capabilities when switching up colors!

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