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Furniture For Rent

Renting furniture can be an ideal solution for short-term living situations, including students living away from home and employees on temporary work assignments.

Some rental companies provide flexible lease terms of three to 12 months. At the end of each term, customers have options such as purchasing their furniture at a discounted price or returning it in exchange for store credit.

Feature Furniture

Furniture rental services offer home stagers an economical alternative to purchasing new pieces and allow clients to test out interior design ideas before making a commitment. When selecting a furniture rental provider, several key criteria should be taken into consideration; ensure they offer high-quality pieces curated with care from various styles as well as accommodate budget restrictions.

Furniture rental market is growing significantly due to millennial and Gen Z residents’ preference for minimalist living. Many businesses are adapting their operations in order to cater for this demographic.

An effective online furniture marketplace must include features to enable both vendors and customers to track inventory efficiently, such as catalog management, order tracking, eSignature capabilities for customers, complete portal management options for business owners (adding new web pages or changing language or banner images); multiple payment gateways support; as well as faster payments.

Feather Furniture

Feather offers its customers the ability to rent furniture pieces at an agreed upon lease rate. Once delivered and set up by Feather, their service collects it upon its no longer being necessary and refurbishes, cleans, and maintains it before being reused by another customer. Customers may purchase any leased piece directly or after their lease period has concluded.

Furniture rental service ReadySpace is revolutionizing furniture rental for a new generation of consumers, keeping pieces out of landfills while making delivery convenient and minimizing monthly payments. By taking advantage of third-party logistics markets such as ReadySpace in DC and Texas to operate efficiently while expanding offerings to more areas. Their offerings include West Elm and Pottery Barn furniture collections along with its own line of designs as well as bundles that help people relocate easily; shoppers also have the option of turning monthly payments towards owning pieces when their leasing period comes to an end.

Conjure Furniture

Conjure, which made its debut earlier this month following a $9 million seed round, offers furniture styles from designer artisans at leases lasting three to twelve months; subscribers have the option to return, swap or purchase their furniture when their subscription ends.

This company also offers additional services, including apartment staging and design consultations, with delivery/assembly typically taking between five to seven business days after an order has been placed. A refundable deposit and soft credit check may be required, with deliveries typically occurring five or seven business days post order placement.

Customers can customize their order online and work with a concierge service to select a package based on size, color and style. Normal wear-and-tear costs are factored into the price; any pieces returned for refurbishing rather than being dumped into curbside bins or landfills. Should a customer opt to cancel, the company can work with them to adjust their payment plan; all furniture pieces are handpicked before being delivered directly to customers.

Cort Furniture

CORT Furniture Rental Corporation provides corporate and residential furniture rental. Their wide range of styles can fit the decor of various rooms in the home, while lounge seating adds an attractive element to office spaces. Products are delivered and installed by professional team. Furthermore, the company offers relocation packages to help employees or students relocate.

This company has been in business for 45 years. Their customers include corporate employees relocating from one office location to the next, college students moving away, temporary staff and consumers looking for stylish home furnishings. Their product lines include sofas and sectionals as well as bedroom sets, dining room sets and living room sets – as well as office furniture/houseware packages for relocating employees as well as booth furnishing rentals for trade shows.

Rental model significantly lessens environmental impact of furniture production and distribution by eliminating landfill waste, while products produced generate lower levels of greenhouse gases than industry norms. Furthermore, company conducts annual greenhouse gas emission inventory as well as supply chain greenhouse gas analysis.

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