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Free Interior Design Software Programs

Interior design can be an arduous task, but with the appropriate software program it can become much simpler. These programs are tailored specifically to help plan and visualise designs more easily.

Planner 5D offers multiple project levels which users can upgrade with credits to unlock HD photorealistic exports and additional functionality.


Floorplanner is an interior design software program that makes creating photorealistic 3D renderings simple, helping clients visualize how their projects will look in reality and making informed decisions about interior designs. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface can be used on any computer or mobile device without difficulty.

The software offers a vast library of doors, windows, furniture and architectural features such as walls, ceilings and floors to help kick start any project. It was designed with simplicity in mind so both novice and seasoned designers alike can use the program effectively.

Save multiple versions of your project and share them with clients via Facebook, Twitter or email – plus it can even be embedded directly into websites for easier access! Upgrade to higher Project Levels easily using credits purchased in the dashboard of your account.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a free interior design software program available to anyone wishing to draft blueprints of their home. With intuitive blueprint design tools that cater for both beginners and experts alike, its intuitive blueprint tools offer the ideal solution. Furthermore, its online training school offers nine blocks of videos covering topics such as zoning, ergonomics, interior styles, colors materials furniture lighting decor and visualization – providing ample learning opportunities!

Building a virtual model of your home takes only minutes. You can even move objects around and view them from various angles to see how they will appear – helping avoid costly errors while saving both time and money!

Planner 5D differs from SketchUp by not requiring parameters for everything; thus making it simpler and quicker to use. Furthermore, its library of items makes arranging room layouts simpler than with full-fledged software like SketchUp.


HomebyMe is a free online service that enables users to quickly create floor plans and visualize interior spaces in 3D. Its easy user interface makes creating designs fast. Plus, this mobile-friendly app can be accessed from any computer or device connected to the internet!

Registration can either leverage a Google or Facebook account or require users to provide an email address and password. Once registered, an optional tutorial provides only brief instruction that doesn’t really introduce the software. Once registered, users have two choices when working with Room by Room: either using its pre-made room templates (“Room by Room”) or drawing all elements manually (‘Draw Walls’).

Free accounts with this software have restrictions that limit the number of photorealistic images as well as watermarks on them, while higher tiers allow more images and remove those limitations altogether. Furthermore, 360 view is enabled so users can take an in-depth look at their creation from all directions, as well as measure its dimensions by moving a virtual avatar from room to room.

Space Designer

Space Designer is an online architectural space-planning software with CAD-like tools designed for architects. The intuitive tools are user-friendly for both professionals and novices, including its smart wall technology for quick wall drawing. Furniture catalog items available with high quality objects. Furthermore, 3D renderings from different perspectives such as birds eye view or first person perspective are provided as additional services.

Space Designer allows you to craft unique acoustic environments by convolving an audio signal with real-world impulse response reverb samples recorded from real spaces. It works similar to how software reverb plug-ins in Logic do it, only much easier.

This software features an on-board impulse response synthesis facility to help create unique effects. Additionally, it can find and relink impulse responses back into their settings files; batch modify important settings like dry/wet level/volume/latency compensation etc; all this happens automatically so you can focus on designing.

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