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Smart Appliances for Your Kitchen

Smart appliances can make life simpler in the kitchen. By saving both time and effort, they allow for greater relaxation or hobbies to pursue in life.

Appliance packages come in various finishes, from stainless steel to black glass, and you may find bundles tailored to specific brands or styles. Before shopping for an appliance package, take the time to assess your needs and develop a design plan.


A range is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that combines the stovetop and oven. Powered either by electricity or gas, ranges come in various sizes and styles to meet every culinary need.

Some ranges feature powerful burners capable of producing extremely hot temperatures–enough to quickly boil water or sear your steak, and are often found on professional ranges. This type of burner may also come equipped with its own steam oven for maximum efficiency.

If you want your range to make a statement in any room, opt for a freestanding model. However, for budget conscious individuals and homeowners, slide-in or drop-in designs might be more suitable as these fit between your base cabinets, offering more customization while showing off your backsplash design.


Premium dishwashers not only add an aesthetic value to a home, but can also increase its resale value and resale price. Prospective buyers and renters will take into consideration whether a kitchen features one when making decisions regarding price negotiation or lease agreements.

Dishwashers are designed to efficiently wash a high volume of dishes, utensils and cups using hot water and detergent, with some models offering special crates to store crockery, glassware and cutlery during washing cycles.

Engineers specialize in crafting dishwashers that are both efficient and quiet. To achieve this goal, they adjust openings, power output and rack positioning relative to the washer. Some even incorporate heating methods for sanitizing dishes during operation. There are dishwasher models suitable for both residential and commercial use.


Microwave ovens save space on countertops while providing precise cooking settings to handle various tasks. Furthermore, microwaves eliminate food charring caused by direct heating that releases carcinogenic substances into the environment.

When remodeling your kitchen, group the microwave with other wall ovens for an integrated look that blends in seamlessly. This combination is often chosen and complements many cabinet styles well.

Installing a countertop microwave in an island offers instantaneous access without disrupting your flow. This arrangement adds sleek looks while keeping the appliance off of your counter surface, eliminating safety hazards. However, doing this usually involves building cabinetry or purchasing a trim kit specifically tailored for this installation option.


Though often forgotten in kitchen design processes, a refrigerator can make an enormous impactful statement about you and your lifestyle. Not only will an effective refrigerator keep food fresher for longer, but its aesthetic value and storage possibilities should not be discounted either.

LG refrigerators offer innovative features. One model features a door-in-door panel which opens as a small door so you can reach into cartons and jars easily without opening the entire refrigerator door.

Merchandising refrigerators make an excellent addition to restaurants and markets. Choose between single-door, French door or built-in models to match the cabinetry of your kitchen space seamlessly.


Cooktops are flat cooking surfaces installed into cutouts in countertops or kitchen islands that feature either gas or electric burners to heat pots and pans.

Burner sizes range from two to six, and may be either gas or electric. Larger burners provide faster heat distribution and can accommodate larger pots.

Cooktops feature sleek designs and feature an easy-to-wipe surface, making cleaning it with a damp cloth an effortless task. Plus, they don’t take up much counter space. Some people even like how their cooktop all but blends in seamlessly into their kitchen for an integrated, streamlined appearance.


Hoods are one of the most essential appliances in any kitchen, helping keep grease, strong odors, and steam off walls, backsplashes, cabinets and other kitchen surfaces for easier cleanup.

Ductless hoods filter and vent air pollution through an installed duct in the ceiling; under-cabinet hoods typically come preconfigured to recirculate. Check product specifications or owner’s manual online for details about venting systems of both types.

An insert hood allows you to tailor it specifically to the style of your kitchen, such as when copper wraps around stainless appliances to complement distressed painted cabinets. Plus, its old-world charm adds additional charm

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