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Things to Consider Before Installing a Concrete Floor

Concrete floors can be an ideal addition to your home, as they’re both durable and straightforward to maintain. Plus, there’s the added versatility of various designs available – however there are a few things you should take into consideration before making your final decision.

Poured concrete floors typically consist of a solid slab bearing on columns with two-way spanning reinforcement. This construction method may be less expensive than hollow block and more suitable for large open-plan flooring areas.


Concrete flooring is an economical option that provides numerous advantages. Notably, its durable material resists mildew and stains while being easy to maintain without needing frequent attention from maintenance services. Furthermore, its aesthetic value makes it suitable for commercial buildings as well.

Installing a concrete floor can vary in price depending on its scope and level of work required, so finding an experienced and reputable contractor with good reviews online and testimonials to determine their suitability for your project can be key to its success.

Adding decorative concrete flooring can make an eye-catching first impression in any foyer or entryway, creating a dramatic first impression with visitors to your space. You can have this type of floor installed from scratch, or take advantage of existing slabs that have been ground and polished into place to achieve the look you desire. It is also suitable for basements and garages alike.


Many businesses opt for concrete floors because of their durability and ability to withstand high foot traffic, spills, stains and maintenance costs. Furthermore, these hard surfaces can be quickly and efficiently cleaned and sanitized which saves both time and money on maintenance expenses. Unfortunately however, their hard surface can pose a danger for those with fragile bones – falling on them could result in injuries, especially for children and the elderly; additionally dropped items may shatter and crack upon impact with such surfaces.

As opposed to organic materials like carpet or vinyl flooring, properly sealed concrete floors are resistant to mildew and mold growth – an advantage since such contaminants can produce musty smells in a home, as well as cause respiratory ailments.

Concrete floors can be laid over either an existing slab or new slab and polished or colored for aesthetic purposes. When seeking to have this work completed in your house, it’s crucial that you find a contractor with excellent customer service and communication throughout the project.

Easy to maintain

Decorative concrete flooring is much simpler to maintain than carpet or tile, yet still requires routine upkeep to remain looking new and vibrant. Cleaning frequency depends on traffic volume; in general, most floors should be cleaned at least once daily.

At first glance, concrete floors may seem similar to tile and vinyl surfaces but don’t feature joints or grout lines, which trap dirt. With no gaps to trap dust or debris, sweeping and vacuuming a concrete floor are much simpler. Additionally, when sealed properly they offer stain- and water-resistance; should there be an accident, any spillage must be cleaned up immediately to avoid staining.

Make sure that you use only a pH neutral cleaner on your concrete floors, rather than ammonia, vinegar, pine cleaners or any other acidic product which could damage or dull their surfaces. We highly suggest investing in microfiber cleaning pads so as to get maximum value from your investment.

Variety of designs

Concrete is an extremely hardwearing material that can withstand heavy foot traffic, while its natural look appeals to homeowners. Depending on its design, it can be polished to a glass-like finish or colored with epoxy, concrete stains or dyes; thus giving homeowners access to a range of earthy tones as well as bright hues for their color schemes.

To create an elegant floor, grout lines may help add an elegant finishing touch. While not suitable for homes with young children, adding grout lines gives your concrete flooring a hand-laid appearance and helps achieve a more polished appearance.

Concrete floors may be associated with industrial designs, but they’re becoming more prevalent in homes that don’t fit this mold. From modern apartments to rustic farmhouses, concrete floors add a clean aesthetic while being easy to care for – they won’t scratch easily either! Additionally, making it the perfect option for households with high heels or pets!

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